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no sexual drive

ndo network the lord of the skies iv look at him, rutila. turn around, damn it! do it! â¡voltea!

no sexual drive

-turn around! -i don't want to see him! it's impossible to talk to you because you don't listen. rutila, look at him for the last time. i killed him for you! turn around and look at him!

why do you want me to keep filling my head with terrible images? don't you think it's enough for me to have to remember luzma bleeding to death in your arms? what my brother, beto, in a coffin? what about mom? i close my eyes and i can still hear victor crying for his wife and his babies. i don't want to see anything else!

i do. i needed to see him dead. i needed to know that he paid for what he did. i avenged you, damn it! you avenged me? or were you avenging yourself for the embarrassment of one of your daughters being raped? i was raped, not you. rawlings told me i might be in danger too.

what do you mean? from who? what else did he tell you, garcia? try to remember, the smallest detail might be important. puede ser importante por mãnimo que parezca. i don't know anything else. we were supposed to meet after hours, but he said he had to do something first. did he say where? no and i didn't ask him.

the point is he's not calling me back. i went to his apartment before i came here, and there was no sign of him. it's very strange! tim... agent rawlings wouldn't just disappear like that. that's why i'm afraid he might be dead. do you have an idea who could've killed him? did he have enemies?

can't you imagine, jorge? he was the head of the dea in mexico. anyone who's part of a cartel might be his enemy, even your fellow countryman, carreã±o arias. he swore he'd kill him ever since aruba. ã‰l se la tenãa jurada desde lo que pasã“ en aruba. lately, i don't know what's happening to me with women. it's almost as if i have no sexual drive. is it happening with men too?

no, aurelio still drives me crazy... and the ambassador wasn't bad either. well, enjoy it while it lasts. i didn't tell you, but my uncle got me in touch with general carreã±o. he's got his eye on your ambassador. we're still talking about that with aurelio. make sure you keep your uncle at bay. i'll handle carreã±o myself.

let me explain, esperanza. aurelio's very sick. kidney failure is no walk in the park. he could die at any moment. that could actually be good for us. sweetie, did you see them? they look so professional. these are dalvio's people. i told you. they're builder's not killers. these are good and honest people like us.

yes, mom, but people are still talking about engineer's brushes with the drug trade. i hope i'm wrong, but you always want to see the good in everything. you look at the world through rose-colored glasses. really? look who's talking. you're the one who wanted me to get back with your father. hey, take it easy. it takes two to tango

and you two definitely tangoed. no, don't get things mixed up. i've always told you that you should never deny at least one dance. that's all that happened with your father. no, sweetie. how can you think i'd compete with your father's other women? i'm too old to be suffering over men. i want...

i want a real man. i want a man who wants me for my age, my experience and despite my bad habits! you know what? i want what dalvio wants, a woman like me. i'll be the woman he wants to make happy. you'll see. i'll be that woman. better safe than sorry, so i'll take this.

no, but... what will i say? besides, who'll pay for this? just say you don't know anything, okay? and if they make you pay, i left you enough money to pay for ten of these. don't worry. i'll stay in touch. i'll send you more gifts because you're going to help me find nicandro limon. right?

perfect. let's go. are you on aurelio's side or on mine? what a stupid question! you're my son! then do as i say, ma. keep sleeping with my dad. maybe it'll upset esperanza, and i'll be there to comfort her.

are you stupid? i'm just kidding. it was a joke. alright, just get my dad to trust you. i'll do the same. how? it's just until i find aurelio's enemies. i found out why they're all here in this house. they're hiding. there was a shooting at the other house they were in.

what? guess who was shot and had a head injury? that brat, my sister, luzma. that's why she has that patch on her head. so, what will you wear today? let me see. what do you think, the skirt or the pants? honestly? the skirt. then i'll wear the pants.

hello, luzma. how's the most rebellious and brave kid i know doing? you know i can't visit you because things are complicated. i can't take a risk with your brother. i have to see you before i go to michoacan. we'll stop by dad's house first. i'm not at your dad's, luzma. i'll go to michoacan anyway though. i want to see you before i go to colombia.

you'd better! you know i love you, dummy. you can still come live with victor and me, you know? once you've recovered... both you and rutila. damn it, rutila. nothing i do is ever good enough for you, not even avenging you! i killed him and you're upset,

but if i hadn't, you'd still be upset. everything i do for you means s---! i went after that bastard because he raped you. that's why i killed him, damn it! â¡y por eso lo matã‰, ch--- madre! no, dad. when he raped me, you were occupied with other things. you had other priorities, like f---ing feyo's wife, and esperanza, and whoever else came along.

if you would've put me in this situation back then, i would've become the killer you want me to be. but not now. it's not what i want. there's no winning with you, right, rutila? i can't do anything right, everything's wrong. when will you stop hating me, huh? to you, i'm nothing but an ass----, just like that bastard! you're my father, for better or for worse,

but that doesn't mean i have to please you. didn't you shoot the colombians when they were after rivero? you didn't care. you shot them! i did it for my son! he's the reason i tell myself every day that i don't want anything to do with you or your business of death! leave me alone! cut this f---er up. you know where to take him.

he can keep rawlings company. done, boss. you need to look into timothy rawlings. do you think the special presidential committee that you were a part of had anything to do with this? no. i don't think so. what committee? it's a special committee that was set up by the presidency,

but it's confidential. it's a state secret. i think you should've respected that rodrigo. garcia, you were working on that together. we have to look at everything, alright? debemos agotar todas las pistas, â¿estamos? i'm not authorized to discuss that information. alright, then if you don't want to say anything, consider it.

who could've been affected by that oh-so-secret special presidential committee? this is the shell company we'll be using. they'll never be able to trace this back to us, no matter what happens. i think it's great we're covering our tracks. when it's about food for the people, things could always go wrong. yes, that's approximately the amount of tons

we need for venezuela. we'll talk once everything's been finalized. great, thanks. it's done. we can export as many tons of poultry as we want as we want. we can use ships with stopovers. it won't make a difference, it'll still be cheap. it's important for us not to make fools of ourselves

with the venezuelan embassy. we're going to do this with armando... armando perez ricard. yes, he's interested in the same thing we are... -money. -money. i'll call him now. we have to look into everything regarding the lottery network in colombia, especially the one in medellin. give me a second.

my dearest eva, have you got news for me? the best. everything regarding the company is already in order. yes, the poultry producers syndicate agreed. we can negotiate as many tons of poultry as you need for venezuela. que necesites para venezuela. it couldn't be better.

i'm planning to go on a trip to colombia. after that, i'll go to caracas. we'll organize everything there. y de ah㍠voy a caracas y organizamos todo. don't you think we should talk in person before you go on your trip? i think it's perfect. it's an honor and a pleasure doing business with you, my dear eva.

i'll find a restaurant for us to have dinner. my treat. you never change, do you? will you take this one to bed too? well, the hag's not that bad. besides, i can take anyone to bed, but it takes special skills to visit cougar town. it's all in the name of business. will you at look at those two funny gents, cantante?

they're convinced they can call dibs on me. let's see who calls dibs on who. look, take this power of attorney to him. make sure he signs it. i have to be able to represent him. listen to me. keep your eyes and your ears open. you'll have to tell me about what's going on over there. don't worry.

i told you nothing will happen with him unless i want it to. que yo no quiera que pase. go ahead. leave. the profits you'll make on this deal are a beautiful thing. hey, capi, let me ask you a question. do you trust me? of course, brother. well, the country's entire high society also trusts me.

imagine this... one of those times those idiots met, word spread that i could help them multiply their money times ten. and guess what? they fell for it. man... they didn't even ask what the money was for or what the job was, they just gave me the money.

it's simple. i take the money. we buy consumables. we buy more merch. we make the transfers. we do the whole shebang and then... we split the money and everybody's happy, especially me. i make more money and keep the business up and running. how about that? -it's great. -it's a blessing.

- bendiciã“n. you want another one? it gets warm too fast here. you want some beer? get to work first, you freeloaders! you were right, feyo. aurelio's getting tests done to get a transplant. write down this name, nicandro limon. that kid is aurelio casillas' son.

we have to find him. a ese es al que hay que buscar. limon... i don't know why that name sounds familiar. lim... wait just a second... of course! it's consuelo! she was a chick that aurelio was with.

he told me about her when he was still like a son to me. she must be the kid's mother. alright, tell me. what are you planning? i have a phone number. we could call and tell them we have to run some more tests or that we have to repeat the tests here in the lab.

no sexual drive,que hay que repetir las pruebas aqu㍠en el laboratorio? we'll keep an eye on them and follow their movements.

how about it? you're a motherf---er, dalvio. you're a genius.

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