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lust woman

this organization called "isis" they spread destruction and continuous explosions every where... these are lies and heresy and deception fear allah my fellow youth and stop supporting this corrupted organization (isis) are they humans??

lust woman

why do they look like this ? they are capturing women!!! are they really going to paradise? located in 60 countries ?!

.....terrorism has no religion..... complain , report and save lives security is the duty of allcall / 990 "alqatif , alwadeea , sharrora , makkah , riyadh , najran , alkhobar ,yunbu"( local cities where terrorist attacks occurred ) iraq , afghanistan, nigeria, uk ,libya and france... everyone forgot what's been happening in iraq , syria and nigeria... and became super emotional all of a sudden.. what about turkey ... they had explosions too?! sorry bro, i don't care about turkey....

do they have eiffel tower?! how about indonesia? ...the largest muslims population. sorry bro!! we don't really care. indonesian are known to be either our drivers or maids why bother if one or two died there.. death is in god's hands unfortunately, they've forgotten about the refugees and orphans. you are right...who's responsible? where is he? let's go back in time... when terrorism was less violent

tons of suicidal attacks ,,,so called " martyrdom operations" "these are your last moments with us in this life" whoever is operating , " muslims brotherhood " or "qaidah" " islamic front " or " organization of monotheism and jihad " who !!??? " organization of monotheism and jihad " - who?- " organization of .... i mean who are they?? first time i hear this name? i see .. they are isis

but before they were called isis the abbreviation isis means islamic state of iraq and syria ( isis ) they say isis has many members from different nationalities . mostly iraqis .. isis wasn't created in a day or two... - they say ..- they said that not me .... it started with a guy called " abu musab alzarkawi " when they were called "" organization of monotheism and jihad ""

their location was in iraq.. in 2006 all the bad guys had a gathering... all the organizations i mean.. and choose bin laden as their leader. and "alzarkawi " and "albaghdadi" as his operations leaders at the end of 2006... he was replaced by "abu hamza almuhajer" he made a consultation council and gathered the bad guys again and created a state of their own.

don't ask me how ? and they called it "islamic state in iraq" led by " abu omar albaghdadi " in 2010 the american forces killed .... just 10 days after this.... they made their council again ... and choose "abu bakr albaghdadi alhussieni alqurashi " as the commander of believers in the islamic state in iraq.. syria wasn't in yet

in 2011 a recording of abu bakr albaghdadi was publishd... a speech from abu bakr albaghdadi ... on the affiliation of alnusra front to the islamic state in iraq... to declare the cancelation of the names "iraq " and " alnusra front" and replacing them with one name... "islamic state in iraq and sham " now they became "isis" all what isis is doing .... is to revive the islamic rule

and to dominate the whole world with islamic regulations... rubbish !!! most important men is isis are iraqis 4 out of the 6 most wanted terrorist in the world served in saddam hussien's army in 2004 the american army captured "ibrahim albadri " he was an imam for over 3 mosques ... he was held in high security camp bucca in iraq

for 4 years ...this prison was only for jihadis while he was there he formed a small jihadist group .. called "sunni's army " then he went to al-qaida and became its third man this guy is no joke ... his face wasn't revealed until the month of ramadan on friday prayer speech in 2014 yep that was him .... "abu bakr albaghdadi " make "jihad" for the sake of allah

the commander of believers in isis may allah help us all. none of the commanders before him had such a huge army fighters , civilians, money , resources and oil the weird this is nobody ever met or spoke to this guy... after the occupation he just disappeared and no body saw him ever since all what's on social media was old and not clear his shady silence and absence on media... circled him with a mysterious persona

not only in the middle east but in the entire world. even his name is fake his name "abu bakr " is referring to the prophet's (pbuh)closest companion it is a standard policy in these organization to use alias names or nicknames so no one could know their real names by the way..isis control many cities in syria and iraq they destroyed the shrines and ancient treasures they demolished more than 300 syrian monuments

monument that survived thousands of years of wars was put to ground in seconds by isis they evacuated 10 historical mosques that goes back to the 11th century in order to demolish it.. and they warned to kill whoever gets near it with no sham, they shed blood, scatter the dead bodies and ruin the lands in the name of islam.. aside of the destruction and the burning... isis is making the strongest weapon in human history..

i'll tell you how.. lately , isis have been recruiting children rapidly - how ? first the pick the kids from islamic schools your recitation is beautiful i see!!! it is deep and aggressive.. come on kid isis closed all civil school and put mosques as a replacement one of the most famous suicide attacks .. was done by a kid who is less than 18 years old

his name was basil hemira the children mostly recruited for suicide attacks or for spying on the enemy or their families all because they are easy to move and disguise and off course they cost them less money than adults.. and more disciplined and easy to control they said there was a 20 years old guy called ali saqr killed his own mother in down town rekka city because isis accused her of reverting from islam

all she said " son i don't like here " " it is so wrong here let's move " and she was sentenced to death.. nasser al-qasabi ( famous saudi comedian ) wasn't lying after all as they are removing the identity syrian new generation and they are brain washed to adapt isis's beliefs and off course, women has to be involved. it is allowed to capture, kidnap , own women sleeping with virgin girls and selling them

they can do whatever they want with them they can spread them around like cattle they said there is a market for selling women. and the price depends on the age from 50 - 200k depends to the looks the older women aren't included in the market they call them "althefah " ( the guest ) they are taking for temporary marriage or (one night stand)

- today is the prisoners market - really - today is the slaves market- i love your passion !! - today is the distribution- yes!! let him take 2 what else ? who wants to sell, i'm buying what???!! i am selling ... what??!!

her price is different if she has blue eyes how do you like them sir? a (yazidi ) women zaydia??? where is my ezydia? a captive? can you handle her? yes (yazidi) isn't islamic sector, it is a religion with only few followers in the world

they were oppressed by isis brutally and they are treated like animals , killed , raped and left to die of hunger you can say it's prostitution their system revolves around pure sexual lust its not islam bro ... use your brain obey your husband if he told you to blow yourself . women is prohibited to leave the house . all women should be circumcised. also they said " if you don't pray during ramadan, your fasting is not accepted"

if you don't like isis your fasting is not accepted if you don't have these 2 traits, don't bother fasting it won't be accepted by allah.. how awesome is that!!! anything else guys they also closed the male barber shops they prohibited cutting your hair ... removing or putting hair jel or oil if you sin , you're an infidel if you're an infidel then you die

welcome to isis regardless of all religious scholars what's isis is doing is just killing a violation to humanity and it is not what islam is about we have few extremist in all religions or else we wouldn't co-exist with our differences religion is pure from god but was ruined by humans if you asked a christian he would say " kkk" doesn't represent us

it's not my religion if you asked a jew they would say " zionists in palastine doesn't represent us" if you asked a hindu he would say " what happened in keshmir doesn't represent us" if you asked a muslim he would say ' isis doesn't represent me " our younger brothers are brain washed daily our sisters, mothers and daughters are violated and sold ... to satisfy a temporary lust women are captured and sold as slaves we should fight back and kill them all ...

its never like that .... try to fight isis with your brain with your word and deeds we all should stand as one muslim. all they want us to do is to kill each other saying this sunni or she'ee and am telling you " i am sorry " sorry because we are telling your news in the comfort of our home and eating the sweets that was made by you. sorry because i can't do anything but saying " i'm sorry'

what do you think of a person who kills a believer it is not from the traits of a true muslim to shed human blood i want to finish this episode with an important question. will the children of today be the isis of tomorrow? share your answers in the comments below ... and share the episode everywhere .. so all would be aware of our enemy don't forget to subscribe so we can make better content for you

lust woman,

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