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loss of interest in sex

(image source: the guardian / eric rechsteiner) by elizabeth hagedorn "why have young people in japan stopped havingsex? but not a few who like sek, it is seen a lot of men use hajar jahanam which is a drug to prolong the duration of intercourse. sure makes for a good headline, doesn't it? a recent article from the guardian has gaineda fair amount of attention by pairing that

loss of interest in sex
headline with some equally alarming statistics. among them: --half of dating-age people in japan are single. --forty-five percent of women 16 to 25 "werenot interested in or despised sexual contact."

--a third of people younger than 30 have neverdated anyone. --and nearly 90 percent of women who aren'tmarried don't plan on getting hitched. (via wikimedia commons / rei) perhaps not a surprise coming from a countrywith an entire industry devoted to pairing lonely japanese men with virtual girlfriends.(via the wall street journal) dubbed "celibacy syndrome," the apparent growingloss of interest in sex in japan is due in part, some say, to the thinking among manyjapanese women that putting marriage and family first could jeopardize their careers. andit's said to be having an effect on japan's looming population crisis. (via science worldreport)

how's this for a statistic? in 2012, moreadult diapers were sold in japan than baby diapers. the implication is for every retiredperson in the country, there are fewer working-age taxpayers. unless the trend is reversed, japan's populationis set to shrink dramatically. its population of 126 million is on track to plunge one-thirdby 2060. (via abc) that being said, the data and the way it'sbeen presented by the guardian have attracted a good deal of skepticism. (via bloomberg) as slate's joshua keating points out, what'slacking from the conversation is a global perspective because in reality, "japan issimply facing a more acute version of a trend

the rest of the world is also experiencing." take this study from the pew research center.it found 75 percent of americans not in a romantic relationship are currently not lookingfor one รข€” a much higher percentage than can be said for japan. and marriage rates are dropping in the u.s.,too. a majority of americans between 25 and 34 have never married. (via the wall streetjournal) most notably, birth rates are falling prettymuch everywhere. but is a lack of interest in sex to blame? (via the washington post) a writer for kotaku says there are many explanationsfor japan's apparent dry spell: a changing

loss of interest in sex,

family structure, harsh immigration policies,and the rising costs of raising a family, to name a few. (via fox news) "this is incredibly complex and nuanced stuff.simply writing it off as, 'oh, well, japanese people don't have sex' seems to dehumanizean entire country."

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