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lack sexual desire

asexuality is a sexual orientation in which a person does not experience sexual attraction sexual orientation of asexual people sexual attraction contains a desire to have sexual contact, commonly sex. when a sexual desire, or libido, is directed to someone,

lack sexual desire

it is called a sexual attraction. i was amazed i was amazed to find myself: "oh, it's me!" i'm not weird, there are people who experience similar feelings

that was a great relief for me like people usually don't feel their lack of wings i've never felt my lack of sexual attraction when i heard that other people experience it, i was like... "wow, are you serious?that kind of thing exists?!" for me, i have sexual desire i do masterbate whether someone experiences sexual attraction is the only thing that defines asexuality. so some asexuals have sexual desire, others not

some asexuals masterbate, others not some people describe themselves as being extroverted or introverted and no one says "just don't meet people, why do you need to label yourself as an introvert?" asexuality is not a matter of action, such as having no sex but a matter of experience, i.e. not experiencing sexual attraction no matter i have sex or not, the word "asexual" helps me describe myself better sexual attraction makes desire to have sexual contact with the person it is felt towards when you see a person and feel like

dang, s/he is sexy! wanna kiss, or sleep with, that person it is sexual attraction romantic attraction results in desire to have romantic relationship with the person it is felt towards going to a movie together, walking together or giving a hug... things like that. love is not sex i don't understand why i should want to have sex with my partner no

actually, asexuals are more likely to date other asexual than allosexuals are because asexuals may meet each other in asexual communities however, an ace can also be acephobic and an allo can also be a good partner for an ace personally, i don't have any trauma related to sexual violence if sexual violence makes people asexual, over 70% of south korean women would be asexual i think this kind of question is very offensive it's like saying homosexuality is caused by deficiency or abnormality very phobic, very rude generally, asexuality is not related to trauma or experience of sexual abuse

obviously, there is a huge difference between asexuals and non-asexuals. it might be hard to understand but please just think us as common people i wish many people get to know what asexuality is and pay more attention to people or organizations striving for asexual visibility i don't want allosexuals to "kindly understand or care us" i just want to say that we are hereand some people may not experience sexual attraction we aren't people without sexual desire some asexuals lack sexual desire, but not all of us. we aren't emotionless

we are just same people as you are you don't have to seek for difference i'm thankful to other asexuals due to their efforts to find more about sexual attraction

lack sexual desire,and acknowledge others about it i could identify myself i really appreciate it we are here and it's not wrong

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