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strong sexual desire

autumn is already fully enteredto their rights and do not have time we blink an eye asalmost ended the first autumn month. and we have, traditionally,i accumulated a lot of interest news from the health worldand medicine!

strong sexual desire

hello, my good! in this issue: scientistscalled torture need get up early to work;transplant head can spend in the nextyear; men spend three

weeks of his life on holdstore in the second half. if you want to have a baby,reduce consumption alcohol, doctors advise. one large glass of wine,drink a day reduces the likelihood of conceiving a child. according to scientists, alcoholin large quantities interferes in the female cycle and damagesegg. however, very smallthe volume of alcohol consumption safe.

scientists have investigated thisquestion on the example of 6120 women aged 21 to 45 years,who were trying to conceive from june 2007 to january2016. all the women toldhow often they drank and that exactly. it turned out, the women who drankat least a glass of wine a day (250 or 14 milliliters portionsper week), 18% less likely to conceiving child within a year. but if a woman drankfrom 1 to 13 portions, the probability

conceive not decreased. that is not always necessarycompletely abandon of alcohol. however, a lot of alcohola woman's life can not only disrupt the menstrualcycle, but also harm the fetus in the early stages of development. if there is a problem in a pair ofconceiving, researchers advise both to cut partnersalcohol consumption. men spend three weekshis life on hold

store in the second half. researchers from the companyandrews air conditioning interviewed 2,000. the survey showed that representativesthe stronger sex with each shopping trip withhis partner was carried out approximately 23 minutes standingshop around or dressing. on average, a pair selectedthe stores twice a month. that is, men are waiting for theirpartners in stores for nearly 47 minutes,month 9 hours and 22 minutes

year. so, in my entire life averagerepresentative of the stronger spends on the floor around it24 days. half of the men wentfor his partner on the shopping, and 37% founda place on the road and waiting there. some stood or satat the entrance to the store, went internet, copiedor talking with your friends by phone.

and every ten boughtitself at the time the food or beverages. over a third of couples saidthat the joint campaign by shopping became a causeconflict. approximately one in tenmale member flatly refused to accompanyhis partner at the time shopping. american expertspublished a list of five most rare diseases.

in the first place there is a syndromealice. this disorder is cerebralbrain, due to which a person sees thingsin a distorted form. as a rule, this deviationit is seen at night. also, this disease is calledlilliputian syndrome todd hallucinations. reasons for not established disease. people with disability feelchanges in body image, or of the world.

for this reason objectsor even part of your body they seem to be less or more,than in reality. the second position - a syndromekotar ( "zombie syndrome '), characterized inthat the man considers himself dead. as a result, he does not eatand do not drink. usually the syndrome isagainst other mental deviations. it was opened by the frenchneurologist jules cotard and for the first time

he described in 1882. in addition to his convictiondeath, patients may say they lostpart of the body or the soul. third place goes syndromesomeone else's hands, the disease associated with involuntaryhand movements. example: one hand buttonsjacket, and the second immediately unzips. thus, the second armit can be perceived as a stranger, and even exerciseaggression (sometimes hand choked

person). fourth place in akvagennoyurticaria, or allergic water. upon contact with water in humansthere is intense itching. this disease often manifestsduring puberty, making it impossible to fullywash or bathe. especially strongly manifested allergyif water gets into the field neck, hands, on top of thetorso. and closes the top five syndromestone man - is

genetic disease,leading literally to body after hardeningeach injury. gradually syndrome leadstotal paralysis due hardening of muscles and ligaments. exposure to ultrasoundit can be dangerous for the baby in the womb. previous studiesin mice, showed that ultrasound during pregnancyit led to the appearance of have symptoms of young,characteristic of autism.

in the new study,scientists from the university of washington studied the reasons for notautism, and the severity of its symptoms. researchers analyzeddata in 2644 and established families, that ultrasound in the first trimesterpregnancy increases the severity of autism symptoms. most at riskexposed children with genetic options relatedwith autism. correlations between autismand the us in the second and third trimesters of pregnancyexperts have found.

gennady onishchenko, the formerthe head of rospotrebnadzor, extremely negative attitudeto weipa (mini hookahs) and electronic cigarettes. he proposes to ban them. in part, everything depends on thesmoking propaganda. "we are witnessing today a renaissanceas that in our country is back aggressivebeer advertising, supposedly non-alcoholic, it is the same, when imitatingthe process of smoking, a habit, when along with steamproduce and cassettes with nicotine.

it's like that nasvay,which was suddenly in our russian law. today, couples, tomorrow - the nicotine. it is necessary to prohibit "- commentsonishchenko. note that the increase in popularityweipa and electronic cigarettes accounted for in 2013, whenearned restrictions on smoking in publiclocations. until now, the point on the electroniccigarettes and hookahs in law no.

meanwhile, in early septemberthis year, officials have proposed restrict the sale of nicotineliquid for electronic cigarettes to minors. plus, we discuss the possibilitynext administration year in excise taxes on liquorfor electronic cigarettes. cesarean section doomschild obesity. kesaryata more oftenchildren are obese, says a new study. harvard scientists have linkedthis fact with features

the operation itself. so, caesarean sectionit increases the risk of obesity in adolescence and adulthood15% age. children are not born naturallyby, deprived of contact with beneficial bacteria,dwelling in the birth canal mother. these bacteria contributethe formation of the immune exchange system and preparesubstances to real life. as proof of scientistspresent data more than 22000

human. they carried out checks,when people were from 9 to 14 years and 20 to 28 years. if the first agefork cesarean section gave increased riskobesity by 15%, in the second fork - 10%. moreover, it turned out,caesarea in the gastrointestinal tract microflora morereminiscent of the one that dwells on the skin surface.

and people born naturallyby, flora approximated to normal. meanwhile, it is known: microfloramay affect the exchange materials consumption volumesfood and its nature. scientists do not recommend that mencarry a mobile phone in his trouser pocket. there is reason to believethat radiation emanating by phone, reducessperm count, if the radiation sourcea long time is

next to the male genitals. moreover, the remainingsperm can be damage marks. employees of the university ofnewcastle associated use phone problemsfertility. the scientists received the orderseveral studies, with regard to the effect of radiation. most researchdescribed damage which affected mobilitysperm activity

reactive oxygen speciesand dna violations. radiation from the phone gave8% decrease in mobility sperm and 9% reductiontheir viability. by the way, the world organizationhealth classifies phones for possible radiationcarcinogens. employees of the university ofvirginia analyzed data of 100 women agedfrom 23 to 44 years and found: most strong sexualdesire representatives the fair sex have experiencedduring ovulation (approximately

for 10-16 days before the nextmenses). according to the researchers,during this period matures egg, and the woman maybecome pregnant. another study showed:sexual desire in men and wakes up to womendifferent time. for example, women preferhave sex with a 11 pm until 2 am. the peak of sexual excitementthey accounted for 23:21. men sexuallymuch more active in the morning

hours, between 6 and 9 am. the greatest desire theyexperiencing at 7:54. in addition, the level of sexualactivity in women and men characterized for the week. slightly more than halfmen who participated in the study, libidoit was fairly constant. in 36% of women depended on itthe mood. scientists recommend coresstart cats. males produce therapeuticeffect, proved russia

scientists. the volgograd stateuniversity established that cats normalize pressureand heart rate. the secret is in the cat's purr. and its impact tested20 students. the volunteers were measuredpressure, pulse, shot cardiogram at the beginningexperiment. then they were given a listenfor 10 minutes post with rumbling in the range of cats100-120 hertz.

at the same time volunteersshowed pictures of cats. after this assessmentvolunteers carried out again. according to scientists, the cardiogrami changed before our eyes, approaching normal. initially the pressure washigh (about 126 millimeters hg in girlsand 155 millimeters in young of people). but reduced the rumblingpressure (up to 119 girls

mm, and in youngpeople - up to 152 millimeters). heart rate has stabilizedin all volunteers. range rumbling in catsranges from about from about 20 to 150 hertz.there is reason to believe at a frequency of vibration that20 -35 hz stimulate mobility joints, from 25 to 50 hertz- bone restoration tissue, tendon regeneration- at a frequency of 120 hertz, and the pain decreases at a frequency of 50-150hertz. the operation to transplant the headcan spend in the next

year. this was stated by a neurosurgeonsergio kanavero of turin university. he's going totransplanted the head of the russian programmer valery spiridonova new body. the patient suffers of the incurable spinalmuscle atrophy. kanavero he published the resultsthree recent experiments animals which, inhis opinion, prove: restore spinal functionbrain possible. scientist i worked with expertssouth korean university. the team transplanted the headdogs, paralyzed

after a neck injury. acrossanimal again two weeks could walk. besides,researchers conducted experiments with mice andrats. they have been not so successfully. thus, the motor in micefunction is not restored, and 4 out of 5 rats were killed atflood. however, the fifth rat started to go aftersome time after the operation. according to critics, the conclusionsunconvincing, since neurosurgeon spent toolittle experience. also, some suspect that a teamhe hid the information.

however, it plans kanaverocarry out the operation on a man 2017 near the end of the year. ratherall it will take place in one vietnamese hospitals. earlierabout the operation said valery spiridonov. according to him,it will last for 36 hours .. the head of the body severno more than one hour. about a month russianhold in a coma. after, all the nerve endingsgrow together, need time for rehabilitation(approximately one year). experts have called torturethe need to get up early

to work. according to paulkelly, a professor at oxford university, and his colleagues,need daily get up for work at 9 am- the most common torture in the modern society.this schedule not suitable for us. is heat odds with our circadian rhythms. internal organs,such as the heart or liver, they operate on a different schedule,and can not be changed. a now move the beginning of the workingday at 10 am - is possible. scientists note: eighttime was introduced

in the uk in the 18th centuryfor day and night operation factories. economicsituation since strongly changed. therefore, researchersinsist on transferring the beginning of the working day. incidentally,in a british school we conducted an experiment. startemployment suffered from 8:30 10 am. therebyschool performance it increased by 19%. specialistsadded: stress caused by sleep disorders, increasesthe risk of chronic diseases. productivity of employeesdecreases, they often take

hospital and companylose money. entry scientists proposed changesit will help prevent this. at present, that's all. and moremore news and all

strong sexual desire,the most interesting, usefuland even mysterious, bound health can be foundour visit to the public site "in contact" and "classmates"!do not be ill! put huskies! subscribe to the channel!health to you!

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